General information

Below are numerous information sheets on a variety of emotional, behavioural, learning and attention issues. As a teacher identification of these issues is often first noted by teachers and it may be daunting for a teacher to have to approach a parent about an issue they note but are not sure what it may represent. The following information sheet provide information on how to pin point the issues, and more importantly give advice on potential ways of dealing with these noted issues.

Teacher Handout: Learning Difficulties

Teacher Handout: Emotional Issues & tips

Teacher Handout: Behavioural Issues

Teacher Handout: ADHD & tips

Information sheets to pass on to parents

If you note any behavioural, learning, attention or emotional issues in one of your students and need to talk to a parent about the issues, the following information sheets are excellent resources to give to parents to explain what issues their child is struggling with and more importantly describe what can be done about it so the parent does not feel despondent. These information sheets are helpful to have around at parent teacher night and with general parent meetings throughout the year.

Parent Handout: Behavioural Issues

Parent Handout: Learning Difficulties

Parent Handout: Emotional Difficulties

Parent Handout: Attention Difficulties