Childhood Screening

Not sure if you are just being paranoid or whether your child’s issues are developmentally normal? Don’t risk missing early identification! Our screener will tell you if your child is at risk.

Child Assessment

Looking to have your child assessed to understand their unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses, provide diagnosis, and have a treatment plan to address core weaknesses? Check out why an assessment at the SCDC is so comprehensive and provides highly specialist testing to get to the core problem.

Child Psychotherapy

Have a look at the broad range of therapy programs we offer. Also have a look at our therapist pages so you can meet our therapists and find out about their unique ways of treating and therapy styles.

Cognitive Training

Does your child have blocks to their learning? Do they struggling to focus? Easily distracted? Forget learnt material? Frustrated, anxious, unhappy or low self-esteem? Start here for our diagnostic and therapy programs for children.

ADHD 7-Step Program

The SCDC runs the highly comprehensive ADHD 7-Step program. This program leaves no stone unturned aims to address all areas of ability. From assessment to diagnosis to a precise and functional therapy program. Providing the best treatment solutions for your child!

Behaviour management & parenting

Have you read every parenting book and tried a reward system but you still struggle with your child? We provide targeted psychological therapies for children. Our therapies vary according to age and need, but ultimately we aim for internal motivation for change.