Therapy Programs at the SCDC

At the SCDC we have a team of psychologists and clinical psychologists who are specialised in treating children with a wide range of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem etc. We also have therapy which focuses on behavioural management and incudes parenting skills and a parent management program. We also run the unique HighQ Cognitive Training Program, the first individualised cognitive training program in NSW.

We would also be happy to have one of our intake officers, Maddie Fooks or Gabrielle Castle, discuss your child’s case with you in a free telephone consultation to determine which clinician would be best suited to your needs.

At the SCDC we offer a range of different types of therapy programs to suit your child’s needs:

Ever changing teenager

Different Therapy Programs at the SCDC


For children with anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, low-self-esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder, separation anxiety, phobias and other types of emotional issues. Click here for more information

HighQ Cognitive Training Program

A unique individualised program to address core blocks to learning and enhance attention skills. Click here for more information[/toggle]


A wonderful method for training children in sustained focus and teaching them when their attention is drifting and how to refocus. Click here for more information

Mindfulness Training

Help’s childen learn to live in the moment, making them more focused on the present. This helps with attention skills as well as a broad range of emotional problems. Click here for more information

Social Skills Training Program

Does your child have issues with making friends, keeping friends, and maintaining certain standards of behaviour with their peers or around the family & friends. Our social skills training help your child become more aware of their behaviours, learn to judge what is appropriate, learn to pick up on feedback from the environment, and learn to control impulsive actions. Click here for more information

Behaviour Management Program

Does your child have issues with their behaviour? Do they act impulsively, not thinking of the consequences? Is your child opositional and argumentative? Click here for more information

Parenting Program

Do you have issues with knowing how to respond to your child’s behaviour? Are you concerned that you child doesn’t listen to what you say? Do you find yourself angry and frustrated?Click here for more information