Feel your child may have an issues but not sure where to start? 

Screen your child & put your mind at ease

Screen your child & put your mind at ease

Full assessments can be very expensive and parents don’t necessarily want to jump into putting their child through a full assessment without first finding out whether their concerns are age appropriate or whether their children really are a risk of having some issues. We therefore offer a brief screening assessment to families who aren’t really sure if there is a problem or what it even is. Our screeners utilise standardised questionnaires designed to provide a complete overview of the child’s issues and potential disorders they may be at risk for. Our screeners assess a wide spectrum of behaviours, emotions, academic, and social problems in children aged 6-18 years. We also have screening for children 0-5 years which also looks at development milestones. We have been conducting our screeners in various preschools and schools in Sydney and across NSW, and since 2011 have been offering our screeners to the general public.

Screeners for children aged 2-5 years

This screener is designed for younger children to identify early signs of developmental issues.

It includes the following Behavior Scales

  • Inattention/Hyperactivity
  • Defiant/Aggressive Behaviors
  • Social Functioning/Atypical Behaviors
  • Anxiety
  • Mood and Affect
  • Physical Symptoms

It  also includes the following Developmental Milestone Scales

  • Adaptive Skills
  • Communication
  • Motor Skills
  • Play
  • Pre-Academic/Cognitive

Screeners for children aged 6-18 year

The screener rates your child compared to children their own age on the following scales:

  • Emotional distress
  • Upsetting thoughts
  • Worrying
  • Social problems
  • Separation fears
  • Social anxiety
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Academic Difficulties: Literacy
  • Academic Difficulties: math
  • Hyperactivity/Impulsivity
  • Perfectionistic and Compulsive Behaviors

The screener also looks at the diagnostic criteria for the following disorders:

  • ADHD:Inattentive Subtype
  • ADHD: Hyperactive-impulsive Subtype
  • ADHD: Combined Subtype
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Manic Episode
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Phobia
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

With all our screeners you will receive a report outlining each area and whether your child is at risk for any problems or disorders. We will also outline whether a full diagnostic assessment is recommended, as well as provide details  for different types of clinicians who can provide the required assessment. Where multiple clinicians can do the assessment, we provide details on the differences between these assessments as well as the different therapy options these clinicians typically provide. Our screeners provide the ideal solution of where to start to find the most effective solutions for your child.