Meet our staff

Marika Donkin
Marika DonkinClinical Neuropsychologist
Marika is one of our specialists who conducts neuropsychological assessments. Following her 4 year psychology degree with honours she has completed a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology and has completed her two year registrar program. She has interests in learning disabilities and ADHD and identifying the core cognitive issues underlying them. She puts together comprehensive treatment plans to help address any underlying issues. 
Tania Pickering
Tania PickeringChild & Adolescent Psychologist
Tania is one of our specialist psychologists who is involved in implementing our cognitive training program as well as conducting psychological therapy. Following her 4 year psychology degree with honours she has completed a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology. She has also had training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and ACT therapy and mindfulness. She has special interests in treating children and adults from all angles by combining her areas of expertise to have the best benefits for maximising their well being and learning.
Nicole Andrews
Nicole AndrewsClinical Psychologist
Nicole has an undergraduate psychology degree with honours, as well as a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has also completed her two year registrar program. She has had extensive experience in children with ADHD and ASD. She has had training in numerous types of psychological interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, & Mindfulness. She has a special interest in social skills training, as well as cognitive training, particularly in children and adults with ADHD. Nicole is currently providing therapy as part of both our child and adult ADHD clinics.
Candice Michael
Candice MichaelCognitive Trainer
Candice has completed her 4 year psychology degree, with honours. She was instrumental in working closely with Dr Hyman in designing the HighQ Cognitive Training Program for the past 2 years.  She works closely with parents and teachers implementing home and school programs.
Ciara Holland
Ciara HollandConsultant Speech Therapist
Ciara is a speech therapy who is associated with our centre and works for The Language Tree. She runs a speech, language and literacy clinic with 6 specialist programs in literacy. 
Eyal PatConsultant Orthoptist/ Vison Specialist