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Does your child have blocks to their learning? Do they struggle to focus? Easily distracted? Forget learnt material? Frustrated, anxious, unhappy or low self-esteem? Start here for our diagnostic and therapy programs for children.


Do you have issues focusing and are finding working a struggle? Problems in relationships? Unhappy, anxious or frustrated? Not sure what the problem is but want to lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Adults start here for our range of adult services.

Teachers & Health Professionals

Do you work with children and adults with cognitive, emotional, behavioural, social, learning or developmental issues? See our many resources for use in your practice or school. Need to refer on? See our referral request page.

Have you noticed that you child doesn’t quite seem to learn as well as their peers? Does your kids behaviour drive you crazy but you aren’t sure if it is normal? Does your kid have problems making or keeping friends but you are not sure why? Does your child’s report keep on mentioning ‘improvements in attention’ and you aren’t sure what to read between the lines?  If you aren’t quite sure if there really is a problem and have no idea what it may be, have a quick and cost efficient screener conducted to identify the most common developmental disorders and concerns found in children. This screener will tell you how your child rates compared to their peers and whether their behaviours are developmentally normal or whether they are at risk for something more significant. Click here for more details.

Having an comprehensive assessment is vital to understanding your child’s learning styles and identifying any blocks to learning. Our comprehensive assessments look wholistically at all the potential blocks to learning and then a treatment plan is formulated that addresses each area. Our assessments are done by highly specialised neuropsychologists. We don’t use a fixed battery and won’t just give you an IQ &/or academic test: we treat you as an individual and have access to a full specialist neuropsychological test library. Click here for more details as well as for our information pack.

So you have identified that there is a problem and are looking for a broad and comprehensive treatment program that can address all areas. We offer many treatment programs including psychotherapy, cognitive training, social skill training, behaviour management and parenting programs. Click here for more details on our therapy programs.

Why Choose Us

    • Full neuropsychological test library:  An IQ test is not a comprehensive cognitive assessment!
    • No fixed test batteries: We treat our patients as individuals!
    • Unique individualised treatment program to address each area of weakness
    • The only comprehensive 7 Step ADHD program in NSW- attacking ADHD from every angle
    • Caring and specialist psychologists with a broad range of different types of therapeutic skills.